Find out more about the PianoDisc iQ system in this brochure.

User Guides & Tutorials
For your convenience we’ve made the User Guides for PianoDisc systems available online in PDF format. (Note: Adobe Reader is needed to open and view the User Guides. If you don’t currently have it, you can download it through the link we’ve provided on this page.)

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iQ – User Guide.pdf

iQ – Using Your iPad.pdf

iQ Flash – User Guide.pdf

iQ Flash Music List.pdf

Opus7 – User Guide.pdf

PianoCD – User Guide.pdf

ProRecord User Guide v1.2.pdf

ProRecord user guide (Gen1).pdf

ProScan User Guide.pdf

Multimedia Player – User Guide.pdf

MusiConnect – Getting Started.pdf

MusiConnect – User Guide.pdf

Powered Speakers (PDS150/250) – User Guide.pdf

QuietTime (GT-90) – User Guide.pdf

QuietTime (Magic Star V4.0) – User Guide.pdf 228 CFX – User Guide.pdf



Download MusiConnect Here

The latest printed version of PianoDisc’s Music Library catalog