The new SilentDrive Plus (SDP) format is an exciting improvement to your PianoDisc system. It offers additional flexibility for longtime and new PianoDisc users while maintaining the compatibility to read pre-SilentDrive Plus formatted software. It is our belief that the new SilentDrive Plus format will exceed the expectations of PianoDisc system owners.

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Question: How do I get the SDP update?

Answer: You can request an SDP Update Package directly from PianoDisc, or from your local PianoDisc dealer.

Question: How will the SDP update be done? Will I need a technician to do it?

Answer: The SDP update is delivered in a user-installable format: either a CD or diskette. You install it yourself; no technician is required.

Question: So it’s easy to install?

Answer: Yes. It’s basically as simple as putting a diskette or CD into your control box. The diskette comes with easy to follow written instructions; the CD version has a voiceover, which basically “talks” you through the process. The entire update takes less than ten minutes to complete.

Question: What will SDP do for my system?

Answer: SDP is designed to enhance the quality of your PianoDisc system’s piano performance. The update also adds support for a new music format, and also improves playback of existing music.

Question: You say that the piano performance will be improved. How and when will I notice the difference?

Answer: Immediately, since PianoDisc is including a FREE disk in SDP format with every SDP update. Once you’ve installed the update, you’ll be able to play this disk and hear the difference SDP makes for yourself. Of course you’ll notice it even more when you play discs that you’ve heard many times before.

Question: So there’s nothing I else I need to do to the control box?

Answer: NOTHING is required to be done to the control box. While updating the control box’s operating system will allow for proper accompaniment and transposition of the new music, normal playback requires only an SDP update.

Question: My PianoDisc system currently plays software that was made by several different companies. Will it still be able to play these discs after I’ve updated it with SDP?

Answer: Yes. Any PianoDisc, Standard MIDI, or competitor’s discs that your system played before the update will continue to play after the update. The new SDP update DOES NOT remove support for any existing music you have. Instead, it ADDS support for an additional music format (SDP.)

Question: Currently, I can make back-up copies of all the disks I buy. Will I still be able to do that after I update with SDP?

Answer: SDP DOES NOT affect your ability to make a fair-use backup (copy) of a floppy or CD album.

Question: Why has PianoDisc created SDP?

Answer: SDP is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers. While many high-tech products become obsolete as technology advances, PianoDisc protects your investment by bringing the latest technology to your existing system, via FREE operating system and firmware updates. SDP technology will also protect the PianoDisc company, employees, vendors and associates by ensuring the protection of our intellectual property and patented technology.