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中文流行歌曲第五集(Chinese Popular Songs Vol.5)



Please Note: This album contains foreign characters and must unzipped using a third party utility, like WinZip, to retain them.

1: 忘情水 (Wine Is Forgiven Love)
2: 信天游 (Shin Tian You)
3: 独角戏 (Monodrama)
4: 富士山下 (Under The Fuji Mount)
5: 一千个伤心的理由 (One Thousand Reason For Break Heart)
6: 不装饰你的梦 (Don’t Decorate Your Dream)
7: 一路上有你 (How Much I Love You)
8: 偏偏喜欢你 (Just Love You)
9: 假如爱有天意 (Providing That Love Is Meant)
10: 雨夜浪漫 (Romantic Rainy Night )
11: 不让我的眼泪陪你过夜 (Save My Tears Through Night)
12: 雪花 (Snowflake)
13: 下一站天后 (The Next Station Is “Tin Hau”)
14: 爱得太迟 (Love So Late)
15: 与谁共鸣 (Who Can Sing With Me)


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