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中文流行歌曲第四集(Chinese Popular Songs Vol.4)

Catalog# ZZ9108


Please Note: This album contains foreign characters and must be unzipped using a third party utility, like WinZip, to retain them.

1: 遇见 (Realization)
2: 恰似你的温柔 (Tenderness)
3: 等 (Waiting)
4: 害怕 (Frighten)
5: 安静 (Quietness)
6: 暧昧 (Ambiguity)
7: 剪爱 (Cutting Off Love)
8: 天与地 (Sky And Earth)
9: 让我欢喜让我忧 (Make Me Love, Make Me Worry)
10: 天空 (Sky)
11: 听海b(Listening To The Sea)
12: 爱与痛的边缘b(The Edge Of Pain And Love)
13: 我愿意(I Do)