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中文经典回忆第一集(Chinese Classical Memories Vol.1)



Please Note: This album contains foreign characters and must be unzipped using a third party utility, like WinZip, to retain them.

1: 歌唱祖国 (Ode To The Motherland)
2: 草原之夜 (Night On the Grassland)
3: 我爱你中国 (I Love You China)
4: 边疆的泉水清又醇 (Clear Spring Waters In Frontier)
5: 太阳岛上 (On The Sun Island)
6: 我的祖国 (My Motherland)
7: 在希望的田野上 (On The Hopeful Field)
8: 黄河颂 (Ode To The Yellow River)
9: 我爱你塞北的雪 (I Love You North Snow)
10: 北国之春 (The Spring of North Land)
11: 洪湖水浪打浪 (A Lake So Blessed)
12: 南泥湾 (Nanni Bay)