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中文流行歌曲第八集(Chinese Popular Songs Vol.8)



Please Note: This album contains foreign characters and must be unzipped using a third party utility, like WinZip, to retain them.

1: 秋日的私语 (A Comme Amour)
2: 秘密的庭院 (Jardin Secret)
3: 梦中的婚礼 (Mariage D’ Amour)
4: 绿袖子 (Greens Leeves)
5: 梁祝 (The Butterfly Lovers)
6: 爱情的故事 (Love Story)
7: 柔如彩虹 (Couleur Tendresse)
8: 致爱丽丝(Pour Elise)
9: 少女的祈祷 (The Maiden‘s Prayer)
10: 水边的阿狄丽娜 (Ballade Pour Adeline)
11: 童年的回忆 (Pan-European Music)
12: 威尼斯之旅 (Voyage Of Venice)
13: 星空 (Yphard Melody)