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In A Little Spanish Town


Catalog# ZZ2305


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1: Rotary Club March
2: River, Stay “Way From My Door
3: Humoresque
4: The 5:32 Medley (If I Had You, Garden In The Rain, I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling)
5: Louisiana Hayride
6: Moonlight On The Ganges
7: Bebe Foxtrot
8: On The Road To Mandalay
9: Over The Waves
10: Teddy Bear’s Picnic
11: Moonlight Medley (On Moonlight Bay, Beautiful Ohio)
12: In A Little Spanish Town (Twas On A Night Like This)
13: Dainty Miss
14: Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
15: Ting-A-Ling
16: Here Lies Love
17: That Old Gang Of Mine
18: Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine
19: The Whip
20: The Whistler And His Dog