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中文流行歌曲第九集(Chinese Popular Songs Vol.9)



Please Note: This album contains foreign characters and must be unzipped using a third party utility, like WinZip, to retain them.

1: 红日(Rising Sun)
2: 从开始到现在(Winter Sonata)
3: 劲歌金曲串烧(The Jade Solid Gold Songs)
4: 情非得已 (Can’t Help Falling In Love)
5: 唯一(The One)
6: 新不了情(New Endless Love)
7: 最浪漫的事(The Most Romantic Thing)
8: 在水一方(Umbrellas Of Cherbourg)
9: 简单爱(Truly Madly Deeply)
10: 每天爱你多一些(Southern All Stars)
11: 白桦林(The Birch Wood)