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Artist Series: Tom Grant


Catalog# ZZ6011


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Tom Grant is pretty young to be a founding father, but that’s just what he is…of Smooth Jazz. This fusion of traditional jazz and modern pop surfaced in the mid ’80′s with Grant among it’s first hit-making artists. His top-ten records in that genre include “Mango Tango”, “Night Charade”, “In My Wildest Dreams” and “The View From Here”. Grant is great in any genre, however, and if you like R & B, New Age, Jazz and Pop (or any fusion thereof), you’ll like Tom Grant.

1: Fantasy
2: Just the Right Moment
3: Listen Very Hard
4: Norwegian Wood
5: Blue Voyage
6: It Could Happen To You
7: Private Beach
8: Heidi’s Song
9: Alpha Centauri
10: Teach Me Tonight
11: Morning Show
12: S.O.S.