PianoDisc offers a variety of upgrades for your PianoDisc player systems. Please Contact us at (916) 567-9999 with your PianoDisc player system information and we will be happy to assist you with your upgrade.
To learn more about the PianoDisc systems we offer, please see our Products page.

iQ Intelligent Player System
: The iQ Intelligent Player System can be operated from your choice of external devices, including popular devices like the iPad, iPod and MP3 players.

: Add thrilling visuals to your PianoDisc experience with Sync-A-Vision.

Powered Speakers
:Amplified speakers are required in order to hear orchestrated accompaniment.

TFT MIDI Record: Whether it’s used to archive a first recital or give feedback on a performance, pianists at every level find this option beneficial. The user can record to Floppy disk or the MX option. TFT MIDI Record also allows your keyboard to function as a MIDI controller and can attach to personal computers, sequencers and other MIDI devices. PianoDisc is MIDI compatible, and its MIDI capabilities make it popular with composers, arrangers, recording engineers and anyone who wants to use their piano to create music.

QuietTime PianoMute Rail: By moving a small lever underneath the keyboard, a special mute rail is activated so that the hammers no longer hit the strings when the keys are depressed. Instead, sensors under each key make the piano play digitally using the SymphonyPro sound module. The piano is heard in one of two ways: through headphones for a private performance, or aloud over amplified speakers. A pianist can literally play night and day without disturbing anyone else, or as loudly as amplified speakers permit. This feature requires TFT MIDI Record, SymphonyPro and PianoMute rail options.

PianoAmp: Designed to “mike” an acoustic piano, the pickup attaches to the soundboard of the piano, and connects to an audio input on the rear of the 228CFX or PianoCD control unit. The piano and orchestrated accompaniment will be heard anywhere there are speakers. Excellent for use with full house audio or surround sound systems. The results are nothing short of incredible.